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Bring your business to Japan. Suzume PR will support your public relations activities to expand your business in Japan with a bilingual Japanese-English agent, and we can also handle SNS marketing, advertising management, and translation services.


Social media marketing

We maximize your chances of being seen by the right customers by linking your marketing to Instagram and Facebook. We can also write captions and post content on your behalf.

Media Relation

Working closely with publishers and journalists is critical to getting media coverage of your services and your company itself. We communicate with media outlets to help get the word out about your business.


Press releases are essential when an enterprise holds an event or launches a new product. We write and distribute press releases promptly, and accurately taking into account the most important message you wish to convey.Marketing-oriented copywriting is also available.


By maximizing the uniqueness that only that company can bring and consistently uphold, the trust of your customers will increase dramatically. Our professionals will establish your business identity from multiple perspectives.


We can also undertake Japanese-English translation work, taking advantage of our bilingual strengths.

We encourage you to use this service when benchmarking your Japanese brand or distributing your own content to Japan.


The services that we have represented, which involve data, are analysed and reported on. Data based on figures is essential for growth. We support you in identifying weaknesses, strengths and areas for improvement.


My name is Mana Sparrow.(スパロウ眞奈)

Bilingual in Japanese and English.

After working for PR firms in a wide range of genres, including contemporary artists, auction houses, handbag brands, apparel brands and watch brands, established an independent PR agency.

As agile as my surname, Sparrow, I help secure business opportunities and expand your enterprise.

Founder and CEO, Suzume PR G.K.

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​Never think of it as your job, but your life.


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